Sedation Dentistry

An estimated 30% of the population skips the dentist because of fear, or dental phobia. With sedation dentistry, even the most fearful patients can receive the dental care they need without anxiety. Sedation dentistry is completely safe and comfortable, and it allows people to receive routine dental care and undergo procedures free from apprehension.

With the use of sedatives, we are able to establish a calm, relaxed state for even our most anxious patients. There are various types of sedative drugs, including anti-anxiety medications, tranquilizers and nitrous oxide. These drugs are administered in a number of ways, including injections and inhalation.,

Today, though, the most common method is oral sedation. This is especially appealing for patients who also have a fear of needles. Oral sedation dentistry allows dental patients to feel completely relaxed and calm by simply taking oral medication. Injected local anesthesia is still necessary, but for patients who fear needles, the use of oral sedatives makes this part of the procedure less frightening as well.

Patients typically maintain a slight level of consciousness to ensure safety and that the patient can cooperate with instructions. Though they may feel sleepy, the sedatives used are not intended to actually make patients sleep through the procedure.

Following dental treatments with oral sedation, the majority of patients do not even remember the procedure. Though they were awake, they feel as though they slept through the entire thing. WIth sedation dentistry, patients also tend to feel like the procedure only lasted a few minutes, even if it actually took several hours. This often cuts down on the number of procedures needed, allowing the dentist to accomplish more during just one appointment.

If you have been avoiding seeing the dentist due to anxiety, don’t put it off any longer. Whether you are in need of routine care or you are experiencing dental problems that need to be addressed, sedation dentistry is an excellent way of putting your fears aside and getting the care you need. Contact Castle Rock Family Dental today to inquire about sedation dentistry.