Advanced Technology

In our hometown office, we provide advanced technology to give our patients the best possible dental care. Our team stays educated on the latest dental technology to utilize proven, up-to-date methods to care for the smiles of our patients. With a modern approach to dentistry, we provide dental care that is efficient, convenient and comfortable. 

Intraoral Camera

An intraoral camera looks much like an oversized pen and is used to take a closer look inside your mouth. With this camera, your dentist can view a clear image of your teeth and gums allowing us to detect problems that may otherwise be missed. Hard to view areas of the mouth can be clearly seen with this device and problems such as cracks in the teeth can be easily detected.

Digital X-ray

Digital x-rays are used to clearly see all parts of your mouth, helping our team detect signs of decay or other dental concerns. Digital x-rays can be immediately shown on a screen so your dentist can discuss any findings with you. Digital x-rays can be stored for future use and sent directly to a specialist when needed.

iTero Scanner

The iTero scanner captures a 3D image of your teeth, making it easier for your dentist to plan out treatment and determine recommendations for improving your smile. The iTero scanner is also used with Invisalign treatment to properly plan out the straightening process.

Soft Tissue Laser

Laser technology allows us to simply and safely treat a number of dental conditions. Dr. Brody’s training in laser protocols has opened the door for many possibilities in laser treatment in our office. Benefits of the soft tissue laser include shorter procedures, less discomfort and quicker healing. Treatments include eliminating bothersome bumps, reshaping gums, healing ulcers or cold sores and even aiding in the growth and development of wisdom teeth.