Membership Plan

No dental insurance? At Castle Rock Family Dental, it’s not a problem! Our in-house Membership Plan can save you money on your cleanings, exams and dental treatments. We have membership plans for every member of the family! If you are searching for affordable dental care in Castle Rock, CO, call today to start saving money on your dental care throughout the year!

Membership Plans:*

Children Membership - $250 Per Year ($523 Value)

Regular Adult Membership - $350 Per Year ($635 Value)

Adult Plus Membership - $450 Per Year ($790 Value)

Perio Maintenance - $550 Per Year ($1,038 Value)

*For the adult plus program, three cleanings are available to use. Cleanings may be any combination of Adult Prophy’s and/or Gingivitis treatments.

*Any service not listed as included in the program will be eligible for a 20% discount.

*If more than one person of a family chooses to sign up for the program, we will discount the second program fee by an additional 5%.

*This plan is not insurance. This program can only be used at Castle Rock Family Dental. This program begins on the day of sign-up and ends 12 months to the day out.

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